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I am a woman in my early forties and although I have kept my weight stable my muscle tone has changed dramatically – my arms and legs have lost their muscle mass and I’ve noticed a real difference in my body shape. Is this normal?

Muscle mass does decrease as you hit your forties and as you progress through the decade milestones. It can have a real affect on your overall body shape and on your confidence – but you can stop those changes and regain your muscle mass to a large extent.

Now is the time to cut back on your cardio work and to incorporate more weight and resistance work into your fitness routine. A dedicated programme of weight work will help your body regain muscle mass and you can target the areas you are concerned about. Using weights and resistance will have a good effect on your joints, your strength and your done density too and it will help you achieve a sculpted look. Try to increase the amount of protein you eat too. That will give your muscles the fuel they need to grow.

If you aren’t used to using weights, build them up up slowly – but you will be surprised how quickly those visible results come. I would recommend talking to one of the LC fitness instructors at the gym so they can help you draw up a fitness plan tailored to your needs. 

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Once Christmas food starts appearing in the shops my willpower goes out the window. Is it OK to relax the diet a bit during holiday season?

I’m sure we all know the answer to this one! Why undermine any good work you have done so far by over-indulging at Christmas?

It is harder when sugar-laden foods are everywhere, but stay focused on your goals and your achievements so far and remind yourself every day why losing weight and getting fitter is important to you. Remind yourself too how good you feel when you discover you have lost a pound. I’m sure you get more of a kick from that than you do from eating a chocolate.

I wish someone would market an advent calendar where you could unveil your health and fitness achievements in the 12 days of Christmas!

Resolve not to buy any Christmas food or alcohol until mid-December, ask your family and friends not to give you foodie gifts, schedule exercise sessions in throughout the holidays and start looking now for healthy Christmas recipes you can try out during the holiday season so you feel you are eating something new and exciting – but not laden with calories. 



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I need the structure of a fitness class but I am hopeless at following visual instructions and my co-ordination isn’t the best. Is there a class even I can master?

Yes! We are all different and we all respond to different kinds of exercise regimes. Spin might be a good option for you. It doesn't involve complex instructions or moves but a spin class will give you a serious fat-burning session while strengthening your legs, glutes and core. Spinning is low impact too so the chance of injury is very low. You can control the speed and the intensity level of your session and if you stick with it you will be surprised how quickly you see fitness results.


The LC holds spin classes each weekday and on Saturdays and Sundays tooand they have just invested in new state of the art equipment so, no excuses – get on your bike!



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Over the next couple of weeks the gym team are going to be demonstrating different exercise techniques as well as sharing their fitness tips and hints.

This week Dean is demonstating the technique for the horizontal wood chop using our Synrgy 360 rig.














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Here at the LC we back ourselves to be the best fitness facility in the area and now we are putting our money where our mouth is! For the first time ever we are offering a money back guarantee if you do not see results in 6 weeks*.

With some great member benefits including access to the largest unique fitness class program in Wales, personalised welcome with our world class fitness team and continued one to one support whenever you like, there really is no better time to get sarted on your fitness journey.

Our team of trainers will really look after you, offer you expert advise and get you on track to achieve your goals and aspirations

What are you waiting for? Give us a go with a 3 day FREE trial pass, simply enter your details here or call our friendly membership team to make an appointment to see our great facilities on 01792 466500.



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